Creating a way of success by God’s word :- creating a way of success is like creating a new begining in your life that will brings you breakthrough for you and your God / Generations to come. When you are anointed to be success by God it will be unlimited in your but when your are Appointed by Men it has a limitation of time, what is this means or stand for? Simple means that well born again Child of God is undestroyedable by things of the world He/She saw or heard by day, when been an creative person / child of God you must have to be descipline and focus on what you want and stick on it with God’s word which attached to your Expectation with God because they are manythings that will come to your way to do but only the one you stick your hands will work fast, by mediation you can come out with a good result that will brings Exclent mediation. (Joshua 1:8). Prov.12

Be A Success Creator Like Jesus Christ


2 comments on “Be A Success Creator Like Jesus Christ

  1. Great Jesus always Walk Heard To make good things to happen in your life. So why not you try to gives him All He need from you for this to become Real in you?

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