UNDERSTANDING THE LIFE OF CHRIST JESUS PART1A. Acording to the word of God we all know it clear that Christ is a merciful God. John.3:16, for without him we won’t been seeing the way we are seeing each other. Which means it is vital to be in #LOVE with christ day and night. Joshua.1:8, psalm. 92:1-5. So indeed
For you to be success in life you #MUST wark away with the following. 1. Eyes service, 2. Fear, 3. Shame, 4. Celfishness, 5. Lies, 6. Unrighteousness, 7. Disobedent, 8. Stealing and many more you know which are dangerous in our spiritual life today. 1john.5:4, so as we are born of God We are expect to #Be_Like_God. Day and night and to be sure that when ever we are called for the presence of God we make sure we are sensitive and spiritual minded. Praised God! Psalm. 45:1-10, Isa. 60:1-6, 1cor. 12:1-end. Hab. 2:2, 1john. 5:2. And be a wise child Of God! James.1:5